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Cake Choices

Choose a Theme for your cake (examples include Superheros, Minecraft, Princesses, Unicorns, Paw Patrol, Cars, etc)

Choose a Letter or Number (age child is turning

Cupcake Flavors (choose up to 2) - Yellow/Chocolate/Confetti/ Gluten free Yellow

Vanilla Buttercream Frosting Colors (choose up to 3) -  Red/ Orange/ Yellow/ Light Green/ Dark Green/ Blue/ Light Blue/ Dark Blue/ Light Purple/ Purple/ Pink/ Light Pink/ Dark Pink/ Tan/ Light Gray/ Dark Gray/ Black/ White/ Brown (chocolate) 

Sprinkles (choose up to 3) -Red/ Orange/ Yellow/ Green/ Blue/ Purple/ Pink/ Silver/ Gold/ Black/ White/ Rainbow/ Brown (chocolate)/ None

Candy Toppings (choose 1) - Mini Marshmellos/ Chocolate Chips/ Hershey's Milk Chocolate/ Hershey's Cookies & Cream/ Reese's cups/ Skittles/ M&Ms/ Mini M&Ms/ Gummy Bears/ None

Cookie Toppings (choose 1) - Oreos/ Mini Oreos/ Golden Oreos/ Chocolate Chip Cookies/ Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies/ None

Fondant Decorations (choose 1) - Snowflakes/ Unicorn Horns/ Flowers/ Seashells/ Hearts/ Stars/ Bows/ None

What do you want written on the cake board?   "Happy Birthday_______"



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